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Bank: Bank of Melbourne

Account Name: Entuent Pty Ltd

BSB: 193-879

Account Number: 412 622 28

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Agreement of Terms and Conditions for Recruitment of Online Workers

Once accepted, this agreement is a binding contract between you (“Client” and “you”) and Entuent Pty Ltd (“Entuent” and “we”).

Recruitment. Client is engaging Entuent for recruitment services for one or more online workers (“Worker”) with the intention of engaging those Workers using Entuent’s AwayTeam service offering exclusively.

Search Fee. On acceptance of this service, Client accepts a charge of AUD$200 inclusive of GST (“Search Fee”) from Entuent per required position. This Search Fee is non-refundable, except in the case where the position is successfully filled, and the Worker is engaged beyond the probationary period, at which point the Search Fee will form part of a bond covering the Engagement of the Worker. The Search Fee is to pay for the cost of sourcing Worker Candidates only, and is not a guarantee of either finding suitable Candidates, or of a successful Engagement.

Extent of service. Entuent will aim to source Candidates that we believe are suited to the requirements of the stated position. Entuent will present the Client with up to three resumes at a time of such Candidates, prescreened by Entuent. The Client may decline Candidates before or after interviewing them, and if all presented Candidates are declined, we will endeavour to present up to three more Candidates. An Entuent representative will be available to join all interviews between the Client and Candidates, and the Client agrees not to contact the Candidate directly, or interview the Candidate without the presence of the Entuent representative. The service will be deemed complete if (a) 9 or more Candidates are declined by the Client, (b) the Client does not provide response to Entuent regarding presented Candidates within one week after presentation, (c) Entuent is unable to source further suitable Candidates after one month of extensive search, (d) the Client instructs Entuent to cease searching for Candidates, or (e) the Client accepts a Candidate for Engagement as a Worker.

Exclusivity. At all times, the Client affirms that it shall not hire, pirate or pursue, for employment or otherwise, the Candidates presented by Entuent to render services. Furthermore, the Client agrees not to directly transact with such Candidates outside of Entuent’s operational platform, to the exclusion of Entuent. If the Client does engage a Candidate outside of Entuent’s service offering, the Client accepts that we will charge you a Recruitment Fee equalling two months of the Candidate’s requested salary, or the equivalent of two month’s full time payment from the Client to the Candidate by the means of engagement undertaken (whichever is greater). Entuent may reasonably estimate this amount which shall be accepted by the Client unless proof of the real cost of engagement is provided to Entuent.

Engagement. The client agrees that work by the Candidate may not commence unless the Candidate is Engaged as a Worker using a service offered by Entuent. Such Engagement is subject to further agreements between the Client and Entuent, agreements between Entuent or Entuent’s subsidiaries and the Worker, and to further charges by Entuent to the Client.

Non-Guarantee. Entuent agrees to reasonably undertake a search for suitable Candidates for positions required by the Client. Entuent makes no guarantee of finding or presenting suitable Candidates, nor of engaging any Candidate as a Worker. Entuent does not guarantee the availability or acceptance of an offer of Engagement by any presented Candidate.

Confidentiality. The recipient Party shall hold all Confidential Information relating to or obtained by the disclosing Party in strict confidence. Except as permitted by this Agreement, neither Party or its Agents shall disclose, publish, release, transfer or otherwise make available Confidential Information of, or obtained from the other in any form to, or for the use or benefit of, any person or entity without the disclosing Party's consent. Such confidential information includes but is not limited to; Client details, Candidate details, documentation, business processes, and agreements or contracts,

Intellectual Property. Entuent's trademarks, service marks, trade names, and processes are the property of Entuent and related companies, and the Client agrees that it shall not use any such trademarks, service marks or trade names without Entuent's approval.

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Bank: Bank of Melbourne

Account Name: Entuent Pty Ltd

BSB: 193-879

Account Number: 412 622 28


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