How It Works

AwayTeam fullfils your recruitment needs by sourcing and engaging the best online Filipino
professionals who will be key to your business' success. We help build a sustainable and ethical
working environment to foster productivity and loyalty in your online team.

Create a brief

Enjoy a simple recruitment process

Create a brief to help us match your needs.

We’ll begin with creating a brief that contains your company profile and what you’re looking for in an online worker. We will then recruit top candidates that specifically match your needs, of which one of them could be your new online worker. You are in complete control and we will support you in every phase of the process.


Empower your Filipino worker

Provide them with legal employment without leaving the country.

AwayTeam workers are employed by our Philippine-based company. This means that they are provided contracts that are legal and compliant with standard Philippine labor laws. Online workers will be provided with the same government-mandated benefits as regular office employees.

Create a brief
Create a brief

Effortlessly do business in Australia

Keep it simple and sign a local contract.

You, the business owner, will sign a contract with our Australian company. This means there are no international contracts and agreements, which are typically difficult to enforce. Minimal complications, and you are protected under standard Australian labor laws as well.


Sit back and relax

Let us do all the leg work.

AwayTeam takes care of all the paperwork and legal requirements needed to employ your Filipino online worker, in addition to the weekly payroll. We simply charge you the costs of employment and a 20% service fee.

Create a brief
Create a brief

Engage a full-time online professional

Start doing amazing things together.

The online worker joins your team as a full time, dedicated member for you to manage. You are in charge of his employment at your company and all agreements are fostered between you, the business owner, and the worker.

Our Tools

As part of the AwayTeam family, we can assist you with the following HR processes that go beyond recruitment.









Met an Online Worker you love?

If you've already met an Online Worker on AwayTeam or anywhere else, you can
give them the benefits of a full-time employee through us. Simply invite them to join.

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