5 Apps That You Can Use To Delegate Tasks

5 Apps That You Can Use To Delegate Tasks

Let technology help you delegate and collaborate better and more efficiently.

If you are still assigning tasks through email, on the phone, or in-person while your colleague is writing them down on a sheet of paper, then it may be time for you to rethink how you delegate. Things get lost in emails and sometimes, even giving constant reminders won’t guarantee that the task will be finished on time.

For online teams that don’t have the luxury of in-person communication and rely solely on the Internet, it’s essential to use software or apps to ensure that projects are being accomplished. Assigning and monitoring projects through software is easier, more efficient and it helps keep your workflows streamlined and organized.

So before you send out that reminder email for the nth time today, here are some apps that can help you with task and project delegation.


We personally use Trello here at AwayTeam, and it has been beneficial for the entire team. If you’re a fan of making lists, then this program is for you. You can create an unlimited number of boards, cards and checklists for your team, perfect for those multiple projects that you need to accomplish. Whether you’re a small team, or a larger company, Trello can accommodate all your staff. Additionally, you can sync your Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, Slack and accounts on other platforms so you can have everything you need in one place.


Asana is another alternative project management tool that you can use to delegate tasks. It’s free to use for up to 15 members for your team, perfect for small startups and entrepreneurs who are just starting out. You can get real-time updates for pending tasks, move to-dos and assign priority levels to them. Progress reports can be generated so you can see if you’re on the right track and if adjustments need to be done. Asana allows you to integrate over 100 other apps as well, so you can have all your workflows in one place.


Are you a fan of spreadsheets? Then Airtable is the perfect solution for you. Besides being a software that can help you manage projects, it can also serve as a database where you can store a variety of files for quick access. Each field can support documents, images, links, and other formats you use in your business. You can also organize files according to priority, link related tasks to each other and assign who’s in charge with what.


Move your to-do lists from paper to any of your devices with this app that you can access on your laptop, computer, and phone. Todoist boasts of a distraction-free design that allows you to be more productive and get things done. It also lets you share and assign tasks with your team, which fosters accountability and collaboration at the same time. Get more organized by color-coding priorities, adding labels and filters, and creating multi-level tasks and projects.

Meister Task

Meister Task’s tagline is “Simply work together,” and its user-interface and features lets you do just that. Besides project and task management, the app can be integrated with online mindmapping tool MindMeister, helping you visualize and map out your idea into a solid project. Then you can drag and drop your tasks and link them to any Meister Task board. This can help you finally turn that idea into a reality, and avoid idea regret.

Delegating tasks and working on projects with an online team has been made easier because of apps and software. You aren’t doing your business any good favors by not using any of these amazing pieces of technology for your projects.

What is your favorite project management software? Let us know in the comments below!

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