AwayTeam is a strong advocate of Online Work.
In the interest of promoting it as an alternative, ethical and sustainable means of working,
we regularly publish articles to help the community know more about this valuable lifestyle.

Productivity | Online Work | Tools

Music and Working: Does Listening To Music Help You Focus?

Can your favorite songs and tunes help you hustle and get things done?

Online Work | Tools

What To Do Before and On Your First Day as an Online Worker

These tips are going to help you achieve an effective first day in the world of online work.

Productivity | Online Work | Tools

Tips For An Effective SWOT Analysis

Conducting a SWOT analysis can truly be an eye-opening experience for you and your company, especially when done effectively.

Virtual Assistants | Online Work | Tools

How to Give Access to Your Facebook Page Safely and Securely

Offload the time-consuming task of managing your Facebook page without undermining safety by using these tools.

Productivity | Virtual Assistants | Online Work | Tools

Ways to Give Your Assistant Access to Your Emails

With the right tools, you can delegate email management and organisation to your VA without any fear or worry.

Virtual Assistants | Online Work | Tools

What To Do Before Working With a VA

Is your VA starting very soon? Make sure to have these things prepared right before their first day.

Virtual Assistants | Online Work | Tools

5 Communication Apps You and Your Online Worker Need

Use these apps to improve communication lines between you and your online staff.

Virtual Assistants | Online Work | Tools

3 Password Sharing Apps For You and Your Online Worker

Easily delegate your admin tasks by using these password managing apps.

Online Work | Tools

5 Apps That You Can Use To Delegate Tasks

Let technology help you delegate and collaborate better and more efficiently.

Stories | Lifestyle | Tools

The Perfect Christmas Gift You Can Give Yourself This Year

Treat yourself this year by finally working on that idea you've been putting off for so long!

Online Work | Tools

Before You Hire Online: Use Technology With No Fear

Having the right technology in place and learning how to use it is necessary before engaging online workers.

Productivity | Online Work | Tools

Our Favorite Tools In Collaborating And Getting Online Work Done

Collaboration is key to any business looking for growth and success.

Productivity | Online Work | Tools

7 Productivity Tools That Boost Your Work Game

Here are must-need apps and websites to improve your productivity.

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