How to Give Access to Your Facebook Page Safely and Securely

How to Give Access to Your Facebook Page Safely and Securely

Offload the time-consuming task of managing your Facebook page without undermining safety by using these tools.

Most, if not all, businesses today have their own Facebook page, which is an important medium for marketing, advertising, and community building. Managing one involves a lot of tasks, like publishing content, creating ads, and interacting with your followers; tasks that would require time that many business owners just don’t have enough of.

This is where an online worker will come in handy. Hiring one to be in-charge of your Facebook page will take the load off your shoulders, so you can work on other projects in the business.

And through apps and software (some of them are even free to use), you can ensure that you can provide access to your Facebook page without compromising safety and security.

Facebook Admin Roles

Facebook allows you to assign certain roles to members for your business page. In the past, these moderators had equal roles, so they have free reign to do what they want with the page.

Today, Facebook has created page admin roles, which is a great way to provide more security for the page. This allows business owners to determine which team member will have more access to features than the others.

  • Manager - The manager practically is on the highest spot of the Facebook page admin hierarchy. They can do everything on the page; from assigning admins, checking insights, creating ads, replying to inbox messages and writing posts. 
  • Content Creator - A content creator has the power to do what the manager can except for appointing page admins. So, you may want to assign this role to someone who will solely be responsible for the content you publish on the page. 
  • Moderator - The moderator’s focus is to respond to comments made by the followers. They can also create ads, respond to messages and view insights.
  • Advertiser - They will handle all things involved in Facebook advertising, from creating ads, down to checking page insights.
  • Facebook Insight Analyst - This analyst only has access to the analytics section of the Facebook page.

To what admin role you’ll assign your online worker will be dependent on what they do in your business. If you have a virtual assistant, for instance, you can start off by making them your page moderator. Once they get the hang of it, then you can assign them to higher roles like content creator or manager.

Personal Facebook account

Many business owners, like me, also use their personal accounts to network and advertise, especially in Facebook groups. That’s another set of tasks that can easily eat up your whole work day!

The good news is, you can also delegate this task to your online worker. However, it’s understandable if you find it difficult to let another person into your account. If it can ease your worries, you can have you and your online worker sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) specific to this task before you proceed.

Then, you can use password managers like Lastpass or Keypass to share your login information with peace of mind. These have secure vaults where you can store your Facebook log-in so that your online worker can use it with ease and security. Many of these apps are free to use, and provide state-of-the-art encryption so your data is safe from a hacker’s reach.

When delegating the management of your business Facebook page and personal account, it’s important to give your online worker your 100% trust and confidence. Make sure that the online worker you entrust this task to has proven that they can be trusted with keeping your information safe.

Build your working relationship so that this trust is strengthened over time, and you wouldn’t have to worry each time they access your Facebook accounts.

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