AwayTeam is a strong advocate of Online Work.
In the interest of promoting it as an alternative, ethical and sustainable means of working,
we regularly publish articles to help the community know more about this valuable lifestyle.

Lifestyle | Culture

How To Give Back As A Small Business or Entrepreneur

Generosity is one of AwayTeam’s core values, and our late COO Louisa Tew was the biggest advocate of giving back, no matter how big or small.

Virtual Assistants | Online Work | Culture

Top Qualities of an Online Worker

What does it take to become a great online worker?

Virtual Assistants | Online Work | Lifestyle | Culture

Working From Home: Benefits and Perks You Can Enjoy

What is it about working from home that has attracted a number of people to choosing this kind of set-up?

Online Work | Economics | Culture

Taxes: Why Filipino Online Workers Should Be Paying Them

There are a number of benefits to paying your taxes, and it's a good idea for online workers to get started right away.

Human Resources | Culture

Cultural Fit: How To Find The Right Team Members To Help You

You should also consider cultural fit when making hiring decisions for new team members and employees.

Stories | Culture

Ethics in Business: On Equality

In our new series, AwayTeam COO Louisa Tew will be talking about how we can run and grow our business, without sacrificing our core ethical values.

Lifestyle | Culture

What is the Difference Between Average and Successful People?

Here are traits that can help you shift from being average to a successful individual.


Ethical Consumerism: Why Boycotting Based on Ethics Will Never Be Okay

As consumers, we should still check our privilege as we respond against unethical business practices.

Online Work | Culture

Why is Culture Fit Important For Online Workers

Companies also need to consider how potential online workers fit into their own culture.


5 Culture Shocks of Working With Filipinos

You might be a little surprised at how different Filipino online workers are from Australian or Western counterparts.

Stories | Culture

Recognizing White Privilege

Realizing my white privilege has led me to realize many things not only about myself, but about the world around me.

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