3 Password Sharing Apps For You and Your Online Worker

3 Password Sharing Apps For You and Your Online Worker

Easily delegate your admin tasks by using these password managing apps.

One of the biggest concerns many new clients have expressed to me as they enter the world of online work is security. And it’s totally understandable! I can imagine how difficult it must be to suddenly give someone, whom you haven’t met personally, access to your emails and online accounts.

But, this is a necessary step that you must take in order to get repetitive admin tasks like email and social media management off of your plate, and finally get that refocused time you’ve always wanted. And thankfully, technology has made this process so much easier and secure! (Remember we talked about using technology with no fear?)

So to ease your worries and keep your information safe and secure, here are 5 password managing and sharing apps that you can use with your online worker.


This is what we have been using in AwayTeam, and personally between me and my VA. You can create a free account by nominating a master password for your vault, and you are good to go! Accessing your vault can be done on multiple devices, and is synced automatically where LastPass is installed. You can also make your accounts more secure by using the built-in password generator and LastPass password security challenge.

Your account details can also be securely shared to your online worker, as strong encryption processes and two-factor authentication are implemented. When you’ve ended your engagement with your online worker, removing access can be done simply as well.


Dashlane is another free password managing app that has garnered high praises because of its easy-to-use interface. Besides an easy and secure login, automatic form filling on websites, and keeping a record of your online purchases, Dashlane allows you to nominate emergency contacts you can safely share your passwords to just in case you forget your login.

Additionally, users receive security alerts when websites have reported  security breaches and hacks. When these things happen, updating your passwords is done with just one click, so you don’t have to worry about thinking of a new one for each online account.


1Password tells you to go ahead and forget your password as it will do the remembering for you. Besides keeping your passwords safe, you can also store notes and other private information securely in your vault. As for its password generator, you can customize it depending on your preferences and not solely rely on the software’s random suggestions. It stores everything on a secure cloud, as many things already are. You can create separate vaults that you can use for just you and your online worker, too.

1Password also boasts of a ‘Travel Mode’, where you can remove sensitive information from your devices when you go places to protect your confidential data. This is perfect for safeguarding yourself against hacks and breaches when on personal or business trips.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter which of these you use. What’s important is that you use one in the first place, even before you start engaging an online worker. Nothing feels better than having peace of mind, knowing that your log-ins, and other sensitive data is safe and secure between you and your online worker.

What password sharing apps do you use? Let us know, in the comments below!

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