Before You Hire Online: Use Technology With No Fear

Before You Hire Online: Use Technology With No Fear

Having the right technology in place and learning how to use it is necessary before engaging online workers.

As someone who owns a business that primarily uses the Internet, you might be surprised to find out that I used to find technology overwhelming and scary. And this is despite the fact that I come from a family of nerds and early adopters who are using new tech even before they become mainstream.

But over time, I realized the tremendous value of technology; in that it allows me to work anywhere: on a tropical island or at my mom’s home in Tasmania, where I can look after her as she goes through health problems.  

Technology has become a strong foundation in our business, and AwayTeam simply wouldn’t be where it is today if not for it.

I know how incredibly fast technology is growing these days, and it can get confusing at times. But experiencing learning pains is okay, and in fact, pretty normal when dealing with new tech. All of these will be worth it once you enjoy the benefits of using technology.

Technology allows us to be more efficient

Because of technology’s agile nature, we can continuously improve on our existing systems and processes just by utilizing or upgrading to the latest software or app. Doing so can mean the difference between a task that takes only 20 minutes or hours of manual labor.

For instance, if not for technology I would have a hard time reaching out, communicating with my team based in different parts of the Philippines and Australia. Thanks to apps like Slack, Trello, Gmail and Google Hangouts, it feels like we’re all working in the same room.

Sending greeting cards to our clients wouldn’t be as simple and effortless if not for SendOutCards. Continuing to use this service has allowed us to build and retain strong ties with our clients.

Who would have thought decades ago that we would come to a point where multiple people can create documents, give comments and make edits on them in real-time. Thanks to InvisionApp, Google Docs and Sheets, it has become possible to use our time more efficiently.

Technology allows us to work anywhere

All I need is a working laptop or tablet and a stable Internet connection and I am all set for work. And that’s the same for my AwayTeam staff. Many of them don’t just spend working days within the comforts of their home. Some of our workers finish tasks with feet submerged in the pool, or in front of a fantastic beach view, freezing in a foreign country, or even with other online workers in a co-working space.

And to tell you the truth, we encourage that because we know that we have technology to support and back us up. We get to squeeze in work on the plane, up on a mountain, while on a rickety bus journey in the province or in between surf sessions.

Technology can and will be a game changer for you in business and you should learn to embrace it. And if you ultimately decide to begin hiring online workers, it would be best practice to fully embrace technology that’s available now, and be expectant of new versions coming in the future.

Technology is one of the strong foundations of online work. And this is what companies need to have before they hire online.

Watch out for part three in this series, where we talk about technology and how important it is in online work.

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