What To Do Before and On Your First Day as an Online Worker

What To Do Before and On Your First Day as an Online Worker

These tips are going to help you achieve an effective first day in the world of online work.

“Congratulations, you’re hired” are probably the best words you can hear after days of waiting for your job application results. No matter how many times you go through it, the whole process can still be nerve-wracking and scary! But it will all be worth it once you receive and sign that coveted contract.

The real work begins as soon as you send in the signed contract and in the time leading to your first official day on the job. Preparation is key to making sure that you start off on the right foot, especially if it’s your first job as an online worker.

Get to know the company

While you may have done a bit of light research during the application process, this time it’s time to do a deep dive. Read up on what you can about your new employer and client. If you were provided an employee manual or handbook, make sure to read through it before your first official day at work.

Go beyond the basic facts and what you can easily find through a quick search on Google. Try to get to know the co-founders and decision-makers through articles posted about them on news sites. Maybe they have interests that are in common with yours! Also, you can check whether the company supports any causes or charitable institutions, which you can help with in the future.

Install the necessary software

This tip is very important, especially if it’s your first foray into online work. You will be relying on your computer or laptop, and the Internet heavily to fulfill your job responsibilities. So, make sure you have the essentials ready ahead of time.

Before your first day, send an email asking HR or your client if there are any apps or software that you need to have installed. There are lots available, so you need to know which communication apps, project management software or productivity tools the team actually uses in day-to-day tasks.

Be prepared to ask the right questions

You won’t learn the ropes on your first day on the job right away, so don’t be afraid to ask questions. As the ‘newbie’, you have to learn and understand the way things are being run in the company, and sometimes asking questions is the way to do so. It can also show your co-workers where you’re interested in or what aspect of the job you want to learn more?

Take advantage of being the new team member, as people are usually more welcoming and forgiving if you keep asking questions. However, keep in mind that you should ask the right ones. Don’t ask just for the sake of asking. If it can be found in the resources sent to you, or if you can easily look it up online, then there’s no need for you to ask about it.

Say hello to your co-workers

Don’t be a stranger! Even if you’re not in the same room or not located in the same time zone, it’s still a good idea to begin building a relationship with your teammates. On your first day, send an email to introduce yourself and your role in the business. You can also add in a fun fact or two, just to break the ice.

Since you’re part of a remote team, having open lines of communication is key to ensuring collaboration is happening and being done efficiently. It also reflects well on you if you reach out first and show interest in getting to know the people who you’ll be working with.

Relax, and have fun!

Take a deep breath! It’s okay to be a bundle of nerves before you start, but channel that nervousness positively so you can make a good impression on your first day. Don’t pressure yourself too much. Remember, you’re only beginning your journey, so it’s okay to make mistakes on your first day. Have fun, because you’re in for a treat as an online worker!

These tips can be applied not just to new online workers, but to everyone who is waiting to start a new job. The key is to show up on your first day at work prepared and eager to take on the responsibilities given to you. Leave a good impression, and carry that on all throughout your journey with the business or client.

Do you have any other tips or maybe special rituals you do before your first day at work? Share them with us in the comments section below!

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