AwayTeam People: No Regrets For VA Sky

AwayTeam People: No Regrets For VA Sky

In this new series, we put a spotlight on our dedicated AwayTeam online workers, letting them share their stories and insights about what it’s really like to be part of this community.

The world of online work was something that Sky Gatdula had no knowledge about, working in the corporate jungle for almost 8 years. She was earning money to support her growing family and enjoying a plethora of benefits afforded her by her work. These included health cards, bonuses, commission perks and discounts at partner stores.

It seemed like a pretty ideal set-up, at least for many looking from the outside. But there was another side to the corporate setting that were constant pain points in Sky’s life: daily battles with the Metro Manila traffic jam, too much stress, toxic workers and unrealistic expectations set before her.

Mom Guilt

Sky clearly remembers her turning point that made her think about her work situation. Her child began crying and chasing after her whenever she left for work, which always had her worrying the whole day. She felt guilty knowing that her son was crying every afternoon looking for Mama and wanting Mama’s milk.

“How could you possibly focus at work with these scenarios?”

This was why in the last few months of 2017, she began reading and researching about online work. The thought of being able to work at home excited her, and with the encouragement of AwayTeam Creative Director Wap and the support of her loved ones, she immediately applied to be a Virtual Assistant.

Best job ever

“I am definitely enjoying it,” Sky says when asked how it has been working as a VA for AwayTeam. She has successfully passed the probation period and is currently a regular worker for the client she was matched with.

“I have so many good experiences from the people I work with. I love that my boss is very appreciative! Even doing a simple task, which is technically part of my job, she’s always thankful for. I appreciate that she believes in my capabilities, trusts me and allows me to give suggestions [on how to do things better].”

The company even sent her a birthday package all the way from Australia, which had a handwritten card, product samples for her son and personal gift items for her.

Beyond the presents, the kind of treatment her boss and coworkers give her makes her love her job, and look forward to logging in every single day.

“This is my best job ever,” She proclaims. “I wish I can last in this job for a long time, even 20 years into the future. And yes, I can say that it is a better career path for a mom like me.”

Perfect for moms

Sky encourages moms just like her to enjoy the luxury of working from home, while being a hands-on parent to your kids. For her, it is the happiest, most rewarding and enjoyable, and craziest experience in her entire existence of having a child.

“It is never easy, but moms, we can definitely carry on!”

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