Why Hiring Online Workers is a Good Economic Decision

Why Hiring Online Workers is a Good Economic Decision

Engaging online workers is a great investment, with an even better ROI.

Despite growing in popularity in the past few years, “outsourcing” or the act of engaging workers based overseas is still considered a taboo subject in majority of the global workforce. There are issues surrounding this alternative way of hiring staff and there are those who probably have no idea that this is at all possible.

One factor that might contribute to this phenomenon is the lack of basic understanding to what it actually means to hire online. Many business owners find this practice intimidating and overwhelming, not knowing that this hiring process can be beneficial to a lot of businesses today.

Hiring online means to simply transfer domestic employment to foreign workers. Instead of forming your team to physically work with you in an office space or building, you engage with your future employees through the Internet. Oftentimes you get to work with people from across the globe, belonging to different nationalities and time zones.  

Benefits of hiring online workers

There are a number of advantages to engaging online workers:

It reduces costs: One of the major reasons why business owners are reluctant to employing non-local workers is that doing so would supposedly have grave effects on the economy. For instance in Australia, some believe that hiring online workers will lead to fewer jobs for locals, meaning less money circulating in the economy, causing higher unemployment rates.

This snowball effect is simply unacceptable. However, many fail to consider the other side of the coin, and what the true effects of hiring online can be on businesses in the long-run.

Reality check, there are businesses that can’t afford to locally employ administrative staff. If they continue to hire locally without financial forecast, then it could be the end of their business.

However, if they hire online workers, they only have to pay half of the usual wage with the same amount of workload. Reducing operational and personnel costs, which results in making progress faster.

It reinvests money: It follows that due to the lower expenses, businesses would be able to reinvest their capital towards other investments, or possibly in expanding current operations. Once business expands, more opportunities for the local economy open up which is good news for all of us.

It refocuses business time: When business owners hire online, they get the opportunity to really sit down and focus on growing their company even more, without getting bogged down by other tasks. This is an efficient and cost-effective use of resources, with business owners concentrating more on core activities while your online worker gets things done quietly in the background.

Why hire online workers from the Philippines? 

1. Fluency in English. Majority, or about 70% of Filipinos are fluent in English, despite English not being the country’s major language. Not only that, the Philippines boast of a 94% literacy rate, which means that comprehension will not be a problem if you’re looking to hire online Filipino workers. Communication is key when managing and engaging with virtual teams, so you will not have any issues with instructions to projects that you’re planning to accomplish. 

2. Work ethic. Filipinos are hard-wired to be hardworking. This stems from their strong sense of family, which makes them work hard and smart in order to provide for their own. You can be assured that they will value the work that you provide them because its benefits extend to their loved ones too. Additionally, they’re also very resourceful and are known to be some of the most cheerful people in the world, which makes them pretty good colleagues too. 

3. Time Difference. Australia is ahead of the Philippines in terms of time by only three hours, depending on Daylight Savings Time. You don’t need to adjust your schedule just to speak with your online Filipino worker. And at the same time, they get to work normal working hours, without sacrificing their sleep time and time for family. 

4. Diversity. The Philippines is a multi-cultural country. This diversity enables them to be flexible and adapt to situations quickly, as they are used to dealing with different kinds of people and situations on a daily basis. 

Hiring online Filipino workers need not be a scary or daunting process, especially for Australian businesses who might benefit from doing so. 

If your interest has been piqued and you want to dive into the world of hiring online, send us a message! We’ll be happy to help you out.

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