A Tribute to AwayTeam’s Beacon of Light, Lou

A Tribute to AwayTeam’s Beacon of Light, Lou

In loving memory of one amazing human being we will greatly miss.

When thinking about Lou, as we fondly called AwayTeam’s COO, one of the first things that pops to mind is light. I’ve noticed this too with the flow of tributes coming from the people who have known her from the beginning, to those she met briefly at networking events and speaking engagements.

She was a beacon of light in so many ways.

You can see her light when she spoke about small businesses and ethical outsourcing. Lou’s story of how she became an advocate of sustainable online work has been told countless of times on various platforms, yet each time you hear it, you’d hear the same fiery passion as the first time.

She was a light to Filipino online workers looking for secure jobs that didn’t take them away from their families. And she did this while shining a path for Australian businesses to grow and scale, while creating meaningful working relationships with professionals from the Philippines.

She shone a light on various struggles that Filipinos, especially mothers, had to go through in order to survive and thrive. And it was her desire, her mission to try and change this desperate situation. 

But beyond Louisa as a COO, as an ethical outsourcing advocate, a business bestie, an overall boss lady, she became our beacon of light in the AwayTeam family.

To us, to me, she was a dear friend. She was the biggest encourager and your number one fan, ready with her pompoms and banners to cheer you on in everything you do. She made sure you knew that what you created was perfect in her eyes, even if you think otherwise. Always the first one to tell the world how she had the best team behind her, that’s who Lou is.

Her love for the people around her was immense and deep, that sometimes you wonder how can someone who has never met you in person put so much love and trust in you? She goes above and beyond, creating spaces that are safe and without judgments, so you can wear your heart on your sleeve and let it all out.

And she would listen, always would listen.

She gave light to those who were struggling in the dark, even if she herself was going through difficulties as well. That did not stop her from letting her light bring assurance that things will turn out okay. The distance was never an issue, and we instantly felt her warm presence even through simple emails, chats and calls. 

Her presence was calming and reassuring, how sunshine feels after a rainy day.

We may no longer see your physical light here on Earth, but your light will continue to shine through the work that you’ve already laid out, and through the lives of the people you’ve impacted so greatly. You are in a much more beautiful place and even though it hurts, we are still thankful.

We’ll do your best to spread your light to others, and carry on with your legacy, just as you would have wanted Lou. We’ll miss you greatly, and I know we’ll see you on the other side.

We thank everyone who has been sending their condolences and keeping Louisa and her family in their thoughts and prayers.

In honor of lovely memory, we are inviting her loved ones, those whose lives she has touched, or anyone who wants to pay their respects to join us as we celebrate her life on Sunday, December 16 at 75 Reid Street Fitzroy North, 2:30pm.

Please bring your written tributes or artwork to send with her. There will be space to create or write on that day. If you wish, you may bring a cake to share.

In lieu of flowers, please donate to the Louisa Tew Foundation GoFundMe campaign.

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