Beginning the Year With Gratitude

Beginning the Year With Gratitude

As we begin 2019, it pays to spend a few moments to sit back and pause, and be thankful for the year that was.

It’s the first month of the year and I’m sure most of us are raring to work and get projects off the ground. But in the middle of the hustle and bustle, there’s something that we tend to overlook, but is actually beneficial not just in our personal lives, but in our business as well. 

I’m talking about spending a few moments of your day to recount your successes and triumphs, be grateful and express that gratitude to the people who have made these all possible.

We all hear about being thankful, and there are many cliche quotes and sayings about the effect of gratitude in our daily lives. And there is a reason why they’re cliches - it’s because they all ring true.

So, if you’re already practicing gratitude in your personal life, or in terms of improving your well-being, why not bring it in your business too?

Strengthens relationships

Expressing gratitude builds relationships. So, if you want to have better working relations with your clients, colleagues and staff, then you should start the year right and thank them for their contribution to your company’s success.

People naturally love being appreciated. When one’s efforts are acknowledged, their mood can change and they feel better about themselves. Don’t you also feel the same when you’re appreciated and acknowledged?

Kicking off this year with this positive attitude has the power to transform perspectives too; which can ultimately lead to more effective working environments. Your team will become more engaged, yielding better results when it comes to tasks and projects.

Go beyond words

While encouraging words, whether spoken or written, can already have a tremendous impact, you can definitely go the extra mile when it comes to gratitude. Material gifts don’t have to be extravagant or too expensive to cause a huge dent in your personal financials.

You can give gift certificates or discount cards to your employees’ favorite restaurants and cafes. Take them out to lunch or go on a mid-day coffee run and buy them drinks.

If you’re engaged with online workers or remote staff, you can buy items from shops that offer free worldwide shipping. Sending thank-you cards is another option, and you can utilize services like SendOutCards to do the job for you.  

Make gratitude part of your culture

Being thankful shouldn’t just happen once during the holidays, or each time a project is deemed successful. Showing that you value your team and making them feel their individual roles are important should be integrated in your day-to-day operations, and collaborations with one another.

Remember a simple thank you, or positive comment about their work can make a world of a difference in a person’s life.

Further, foster a culture that promotes letting each member of the team learn and grow in their roles, and provide opportunities for them to advance their skill sets even more. Imagine the world of possibilities and the great things that can happen when this type of culture exists in your own company.

When we practice expressing gratitude in our business, we can immediately feel the effects on a personal level. Doesn’t it feel good to be thankful and appreciative of others? As the cliche goes, “A grateful heart is a happy heart.”

So why don’t you try practicing the attitude of gratitude today, and start seeing the plethora of benefits of these practices can bring in your company and the way you work.

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