AwayTeam is a strong advocate of Online Work.
In the interest of promoting it as an alternative, ethical and sustainable means of working,
we regularly publish articles to help the community know more about this valuable lifestyle.

Virtual Assistants | Human Resources | Online Work

Setting Expectations With Your New VA

Knowing what is expected of your virtual assistant is the first step into ensuring a great and fruitful working relationship.

Productivity | Virtual Assistants | Online Work | Tools

Ways to Give Your Assistant Access to Your Emails

With the right tools, you can delegate email management and organisation to your VA without any fear or worry.

Productivity | Virtual Assistants | Online Work

How to Maximize Output From Online Workers

Here are a few tips to consider, so you can fully enjoy the return on investment that online workers can bring to your business.

Productivity | Virtual Assistants | Online Work

The True Cost of Hiring a VA

Your job will become much easier when you hire a virtual assistant. But how much money do you have to shell out initially?


Ethics in Business: Sustainable and Safe Employment

In the second part of the series, Louisa Tew will share why safety and sustainability are key motivators behind AwayTeam.

Virtual Assistants | Online Work | Tools

What To Do Before Working With a VA

Is your VA starting very soon? Make sure to have these things prepared right before their first day.

Virtual Assistants | Human Resources | Online Work

Bespoke Recruitment: How AwayTeam Works

What makes us different from other staffing agencies in the industry?

Virtual Assistants | Stories | Online Work

AwayTeam People: No Regrets For VA Sky

In this new series, we put a spotlight on our dedicated AwayTeam online workers, letting them share their stories and insights about what it’s really like to be part of this community.

Productivity | Virtual Assistants | Online Work

How Do I Know I Need a VA?

When is the right time for business owners to finally engage with a virtual assistant?

Virtual Assistants | Online Work | Culture

Top Qualities of an Online Worker

What does it take to become a great online worker?

Virtual Assistants | Online Work | Tools

5 Communication Apps You and Your Online Worker Need

Use these apps to improve communication lines between you and your online staff.

Virtual Assistants | Online Work | Lifestyle | Culture

Working From Home: Benefits and Perks You Can Enjoy

What is it about working from home that has attracted a number of people to choosing this kind of set-up?

Virtual Assistants | Online Work | Tools

3 Password Sharing Apps For You and Your Online Worker

Easily delegate your admin tasks by using these password managing apps.

Human Resources

How to Choose the Best Candidate for a Job or Business

Here are a few tips that can help make the process of finding the right team member easier.

Virtual Assistants | Online Work

3 Websites For Learning New Skills

Learn something new and add skills to your repertoire by taking online courses from these reputable websites.

Online Work | Economics | Culture

Taxes: Why Filipino Online Workers Should Be Paying Them

There are a number of benefits to paying your taxes, and it's a good idea for online workers to get started right away.

Online Work | Tools

5 Apps That You Can Use To Delegate Tasks

Let technology help you delegate and collaborate better and more efficiently.


10 Reasons Why Asking For Help Improves Your Sense of Well-being

Delegation is not only good for your business, but also for your mental health and well-being.

Human Resources | Culture

Cultural Fit: How To Find The Right Team Members To Help You

You should also consider cultural fit when making hiring decisions for new team members and employees.

Stories | Lifestyle

5 Reasons Why Women Don't Ask For Help And How to Combat Them

Do you find it hard to ask for help even if things get overwhelming?

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